Discover Outdoor Recreation in Yuma, Arizona

Unleash Your Spirit of Adventure

2023-06-01Updated: 2023-07-06 The Caravan Oasis 55+ RV Park

The diverse landscape of Yuma, Arizona, offers an abundance of outdoor activities for the active and adventure-seeking 55+ community at The Caravan Oasis 55+ RV Park. Here are some delightful opportunities to bask in Yuma's natural beauty:

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge
This refuge along the Colorado River boasts beautiful landscapes and a plethora of wildlife. The area is excellent for bird-watching, hiking, and boating. It offers panoramic views and plenty of opportunities for photography.

Yuma East Wetlands
Take a leisurely stroll along the Colorado River in this beautifully restored wetland area. With over 400 acres of parks, paths, and picnic areas, it's a peaceful place for a walk or bike ride.

West Wetlands Park
In this beautiful park, you can enjoy a picnic, go fishing, or simply appreciate the beauty of the Colorado River. The park also features walking trails and a garden dedicated to hummingbirds, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Mittry Lake Wildlife Area
Just north of Yuma, Mittry Lake offers both wildlife viewing and water-based activities. It's a great place for boating, kayaking, fishing, or just watching the sunset over the lake.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge
A little further afield, this expansive refuge is perfect for hiking, photography, and wildlife viewing. It's home to bighorn sheep and a variety of bird species. Its famed Palm Canyon is a wonderful place to explore, with a rare stand of native palm trees.

Telegraph Pass Trail
Located in the nearby Gila Mountains, this trail offers a challenging hike with rewarding panoramic views of Yuma at the summit. It's an excellent choice for more active seniors who enjoy a good trek.

Yuma River Tubing
For a relaxing day on the water, consider a tubing adventure on the Colorado River. Yuma River Tubing offers trips of varying lengths and is a wonderful way to enjoy Yuma's beautiful sunny weather.

The Yuma Golf and Country Club
If you love to golf, you'll enjoy the Yuma Golf and Country Club. It features an 18-hole course, driving range, and a restaurant where you can refuel after a day on the links.

Remember to consider your own fitness levels and consult with healthcare providers before starting any new outdoor activity. Yuma's opportunities for outdoor recreation are as expansive as its breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the beauty and adventure that awaits you in Yuma, Arizona!