What are the available lot sizes at The Caravan Oasis 55+ RV Park?

At The Caravan Oasis 55+ RV Park, there are three available lot sizes:

Regular Size Lot
Ideal for rigs or units up to 24 feet in length, these lots provide ample space and convenience for a cozy camping experience.

Deluxe Size Lot
Designed for rigs or units up to 32 feet in length, the deluxe size lots offer additional room to stretch out and enjoy your stay, providing a comfortable and spacious camping environment.

Premium Size Lot
These lots are specifically designed to accommodate large rigs over 32 feet in length, ensuring that even the most expansive RVs have plenty of space to park and relax.

Whether you have a smaller RV or a larger one, The Caravan Oasis 55+ RV Park offers different lot sizes to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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